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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.2 - Administration Console


This project will focus on developing the administration console for GlassFish 3.2. We will look at the following high level tasks:

  • IaaS Management Service (IMS)
  • Service Orchestration
  • Load Balancer Configuration
  • Resources Enhancement
  • Additional Monitoring support
  • User experience enhancement, such as chart, Progress Status

Goal / Scope

At the end of this effort, we will be able to have a web-based admin console that supports GlassFish 3.2

Feature ID Priority Description Eng Response Owner(s) Source of Requirement Status / Comments
GUI-001 P1 IaaS Management Service Yes Anissa    
GUI-002 P1 Service Orchestration Yes Anissa/Suma    
GUI-003 P1 Load Balancer Configuration Yes Srini    
GUI-004 P2 Load Balancer Configuration in PaaS environment Yes Anissa    
GUI-005 P1 Resource Enhancement Yes Suma    
GUI-006 P1 Additional Monitoring support Yes Suma    
GUI-007 P1 JVM Specific JVM Options Yes Srini    
GUI-008 P2 Secure Admin Configuration Yes Srini  
GUI-009 P1 Progress Status Yes Jason  

Out of Scope


Task List

Task# Priority Task Target Milestone Owner(s) Duration (Man/Day) Start End Date Feature ID Status / Comments
1-1 P1 tree node, listing of Virtualization Provider   Anissa 5 days     GUI-001  
1-2 P1 Creation and Editing of Virtualization Provider   Anissa 10 days     GUI-001  
1-3   Virtualization Group -  group tab, listing of group   Anissa 5 days     GUI-001  
1-4   Creation and Editing of group   Anissa 7  days     GUI-001  
1-5   Configuration of template and associate with group   Anissa 7 days     GUI-001  
1-6   Modification of Cluster creation   Anissa 10 days     GUI-001  
9-1   Integration of  Progress Status feature   Jason 5 days     GUI-009  
1-7   Progress Status for VM Template  related task/page   Jason 3 days     GUI-009  
2-1   Application Deployment page change   Anissa 2 days     GUI-002  
2-2   Support of additional Properties during deployment   Anissa 4 days     GUI-002  
2-3   Viewing of additional DD eg. cloud.xml   Anissa 3 days     GUI-002
2-4   Progress Status for Deployment   Jason 3     GUI-002  
2-5   Application Scoped Services - add tab, listing etc.   Suma 15 days     GUI-002
2-6   Global or Shared Services support   Suma 10 days     GUI-002  
3-1   Load Balancer Configuration (v2 parity) -- tree node,  list/create/delete  LB   Srini 7 days     GUI-003
3-2   Edit LB Device Settings,  Test Connection   Srini 3 days     GUI-003
3-3   Target tab for LB + manage target   Srini 5 days     GUI-003
3-4   Edit Health Checker   Srini 3 days     GUI-003
3-5   Export Tab -- Export and Apply changes   Srini 3 days     GUI-003
4-1   PaaS Load Balancer Support (no detail)   Anissa       GUI-004
5-1   JDBC Pool -- support statement-leak etc.   Suma 3 days     GUI-005
5-2   Validation Class name support   Suma 3 days     GUI-005
5-3   introspect support for installed JDBC drivers.   Suma 5 days     GUI-005
6-1   Application based pool monitoring   Suma 5 days     GUI-006
6-2   JMS Connection factories monitoring   Suma 3 days     GUI-006
6-3   Application based monitoring for JMS conn. factories   Suma 3 days     GUI-006
7-1   JVM Specific JVM options   Srini 7 days     GUI-007
7-2   JVM Specific jvm options for JVM Profiles page   Srini 5 days     GUI-007
8-1   Secure Admin configuration   Srini 4 days     GUI-008
  • For many items, the time it takes to add dev test for each of the additional feature is not factored in.


  • Dev Tests

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