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On June 10, 2013 we will be migrating our content to a new platform.  

What to expect: 

  • The forums are scheduled to be upgraded the first weekend in June.  We will be offline for a few hours starting at 9 pm PDT on Friday, June 7 and then we will be read-only through the weekend while we do a full migration of content, and expect to go live on the new infrastructure on Monday, June 10 (exact time TBD). 
  • In preparation for this migration you will begin to see changes on the site ias we archive forums that have clearly been abandoned in the last few years and update categories to reflect the changes.
  • The new platform uses the term "spaces" instead of "forums" and the UI will look substantially different.  
  • At launch we will have turned in the minimum feature set to ensure that we stabilize as soon as possible. 
  • We expect there to be major performance increases and better search capabilities on the new platform. 
  • In the weeks following launch we will be turning on new features to improve your experience.  We are expecting to turn thread views back on (turned off years ago to help performance), allow reply by email, and direct messaging for users who opt-in. 

This page will be updated as we hit milestones and have additional information to share through the upgrade.  To keep the discussion in one place, please ask questions in the general feedback forum, here: 


 We will not be responding to comments on this wiki.  

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