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This page is intended to be a one stop shop for links to blogs and articles about the Sun 7000 Series and the Fishworks.  It is organized roughly into the following categories:

Current News

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Reviews and Testimonials

IT Pro gives the 7410 a rating of 5 stars out of 6, and gives it an Editor's Choice award.

Infoworld reviews the Sun Storage 7210, and rates it 9.2 out of 10.

PC Pro shares a very positive review of the Sun Storage 7110

iWeb blog post on why they chose the 7410, and the value they are able to provide to their customers as a result of this decision.

Rick Yazwinski of Tucows and OpenSRS shares his experiences testing the Sun Storage 7410, and how it compares with their NetApp 3040.

ILM Informatique reviews the 7110

7000 Series Architecture

Dave Pacheco talks about how the 7000 Series not only detects faults, but how it adapts to keep your data moving.

Dave Pacheco shows us the power and value of compression in the 7000 Series...

Ryan Matthews answers common questions on SSD integration into the 7000 Series

Eric Schrock discusses storage configuration

Keith Weslowski describes the clustering technology of the 7000 Series

Bill Pijewski shares how we interoperate with Windows

Adam Leventhal explains what we mean by Hybrid Storage Pool

More detail from Adam Leventhal on why we chose to implement Hybrid Storage versus the alternatives and how the industry is moving

An explanation of how we use write optimized SSDs for the ZFS intent log, and what happens if it fails

Brendan Gregg explains L2ARC (the second layer cache in the 7000 Series) in detail

Cindi McGuire shares information on Fishworks and the Appliance Kit.

Dave Pacheco describes how we added user support for HTTP file access

Eric Schrock discusses the Fault Management Architecture and how it ties into Fishworks

Greg Price talks about JBOD architecture and how Fishworks talks to disks

Mike Shapiro's white paper on how we maximize RAS using the Sun Storage 7000 series

7000 Series Performance

Low Level Performance

Brendan Gregg shares his performance limits on the 7410. I hate to give things away, but it can achieve over 281,000 IOPS and over 2GB/s !

Brendan is at it again, this time sharing his performance limits for the 7310

Brendan shows exactly how the 7000 Series takes advantage of the log device to reduce latency by as much as 2000%!

Brendan uses Analytics to show that the L2ARC really turbocharges read performance

Brendan Gregg's three part series with tips for performance-testing the 7000 Series


Roch Bourbonnais explains what a performance invariant is, and what the invariants are on the 7410

RAID Rebuild Performance Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage Array

Low Level Performance Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage Array

Application Performance

Wowza Media Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage Array

ANSYS using Sun Storage 7410 with the Sun Blade X6250

Web 2.0 Consolidation Sun Storage 7410 Unified storage array

Database Performance and Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage Array


Brendan Gregg shares his vision of art nouveau

Brendan Gregg explains Heat Map Analytics and shares some interesting uses for the powerful technology

Brendan Gregg shares the bizarre Rainbow Pterodactyl Analytics worksheet and what it actually means

Brendan Gregg shares how Analytics helped him realize that shouting is a bad thing

Brendan Gregg shares his experience using Analytics to troubleshoot a JBOD performance problem that turned out to be human error

Brendan recounts how Analytics was able to assist in diagnosing a network configuration problem on a 7410 in his lab

After posting a bunch of L2ARC analytics, Brendan shares some additional detail about how Analytics can show the latency of DRAM

Brendan continues to blog up a storm, this time sharing some of his more interesting Analytics screenshots

Peter Galvin (of OS textbook Silberschatz and Galvin fame) has an in-depth article on Analytics in this month's ;login: (the USENIX magazine) or pdf

Dave Pacheco shares how we created an Apache module in order to deliver Analytics for HTTP and WebDAV

General Interest

Adam Leventhal discusses the merits of mirroring Solid State Disks

Adam Leventhal shares the story behind the creation of the Sun Storage VM

Bryan Cantrill delivers a eulogy for SPEC SFS, a benchmark that has outlived its usefulness...

...then NetApp responds to Bryan's euglogy for SPEC SFS, and in turn, Bryan dissects their response

Adam Leventhal responds to a Flash Roundup article by the 'Storage Anarchist'...

...and then follows up a few days later with more detail about the bias of the author!

Eric Schrock discusses how much work it was to build the Storage 7000 Series software

Adam Leventhal shares some information about a presentation he delivered at WISH '09 (Workshop for Integrating Solid State Memory into the Storage Hierarchy)...

...and updates the world on Sun's introduction of the Flash drives for Servers, and the Open Flash Module
This blog entry contains links to various presentations on the 7000 Series delivered at CEC 2008

Adam Leventhal shares how the 7000 Series determines storage configuration, and provides a space calculator that can be used with a live system or Virtual Machine

This site includes a power calculator to help plan for your new 7410

Bryan Cantrill tells the story of how Fishworks and the Sun Storage 7000 Series came to be

Cindi McGuire shares the visual representation of the Fishworks code over time

Mike Shapiro talks about the "big picture" with Fishworks and where we're going

Gene Ruth of The Burton Group talks about SSD in Enterprise Storage with a nod to the 7000 Series:

Turns out Sun uses SSDs tailored both for write performance to handle an internal logging function and then read optimized SSD to act essentially as a really large cache. All wrapped around their open-source ZFS file system hidden within the storage subsystem. Sun is demonstrating technology leadership by tightly integrating SSD technology into a complete storage subsystem - yes others have done a pluggable replacement for a HDD, but that's fairly obvious and less then optimal.

User Interface and Administration

Todd Patrick discusses the UI design issues surrounding the concept of storage Projects

Bill Pijewski explains what kiosk mode and session annotation are, and why you should care

Bill Pijewski discusses how we implemented access control in the Fishworks Appliance Kit

Brendan Gregg describes the features and capabilities of the 7000 Series Status Dashboard

Bryan Cantrill discusses the design decisions behind the CLI shell in the 7000 Series engineer Will Snow shares his experiences scripting the 7000 Series

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