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The utility is used to verify the iss_base/etc/jiss.conf and iss_base/etc/jiss_passwd.conf files for Indexing and Search Service. The utility checks for required parameters and formatting.

Location: iss-base/bin/

Syntax [ -f <JISS_CONF> ] [ -p <PASSWD_CONF> ][ -v ] [ -h ]


These are the options for this command:

Option Description
-f JISS_CONF Optional. Location of jiss.conf file, assumes ../etc/jiss.conf if not provided.
-p PASSWD_CONF Optional Location of jiss_passwd.conf file, assumes ../etc/jiss_passwd.conf if not provided.
-v Optional. Enables shell debugging.
-h Optional. Prints help text.

Exit code 0 indicates a success.
Exit code 1 indicates a failure.

Arguments can appear in any order.


# cd <iss-base>/bin
# ./
# ./ -f /var/tmp/jiss-test.conf -p /var/tmp/jiss-passwd-test.conf 
indexsearchservice indexsearchservice Delete
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