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The utility updates the system after an Indexing and Search Service patch has been applied. The utility script performs five basic operations:

  • Stopping all ISS services
  • Merging the configuration file
  • Updating the configuration with new parameters
  • Starting all ISS services
  • Deploying the ISS war files to GlassFish Server


Syntax [ -h ] [ -v ] [ -S <FILE> ] -f [ <FILE> ] [-b <BASEDIR> | <BASEDIR> ]


These are the options for this command:

Option Description
The -b option is available starting in Indexing and Search Service 1 Update 4 Patch 14.
Sets the base directory of the ISS installation.
-S FILE Generates state file for silent install based on this run. A state file is generated only if you are prompted for new information that has changed between releases.
-f FILE Specifies the file containing configuration information for silent install.
-v Uses verbose output.
-h Prints out the usage summary.

Example run

indexsearchservice indexsearchservice Delete
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