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The utility is used to generate the Indexing and Search Service iss_base/etc/jiss.conf and iss_base/etc/jiss_passwd.conf files. This script reads in information from the iss_base/etc/jiss.conf.template file for default values. If no configuration file is provided at run time, you are prompted to enter all information. If a configuration file is provided at run time and required parameters are missing, you are prompted for a value.

Requirements: Must be root user.

Location: iss-base/bin/

Syntax [ -b <BASEDIR> ] [ -f <CONF_FILE> ] [ -l ] [ -i <FQDN> ] [ -O ] [ -A ] [ -t <TYPE> ] [ -s ] [ -S <FILE> ] [ -R <FILE> ] [ -C <FILE> ]


These are the options for this command: Options

Option Description
-b BASEDIR Required. Specifies the base directory of the installation.
-f CONF_FILE Optional. Specifies a file from which to read configuration information for the jiss.conf file.
-l Optional. Use local host for jmq and ldap host names. /bin/hostname must return a fully qualified domain name.
-i FQDN Optional. Fully qualified domain name to use for host name.
-O Optional. Overwrites the current jiss.conf and jiss_passwd.conf files.
-A Optional. Prompts for all configurations.
-t TYPE Optional. Defaults to all. The type of install or uninstall to perform:
all: All components
web: Configures GlassFish
jmq: Configures Oracle GlassFish Message Queue
ldap: Configures Directory Server
index: Configures index and starts indexing services
ms: Configures Message Store Directory Server
cluster: Configures a cluster
-s Optional. Skips validation steps.
-S FILE Saves information to state file.
-R FILE Preserves all data and regenerates comments in file (requires -f file option).
-C FILE Creates a cluster configuration file based on the jiss.conf and jiss_passwd.conf files.

Arguments can appear in any order.


Generate configuration:


Generate configuration by overwriting current configuration:

/opt/sun/comms/jiss/bin/ -O

Read values from a configuration file:

/opt/sun/comms/jiss/bin/ -f my.conf

Generate new configuration file and prompt for all values:

/opt/sun/comms/jiss/bin/ -A -O
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