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Indexing and Search Service for Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Worksheet
Version 1 Update 3

Print and fill out this worksheet to use when responding to the setup script configuration options. You use setup to configure Indexing and Search Service.

Option and Example Value Where Defined on
Messaging Server
Where Defined
on ISS Server
Fill In Your Site's Value
Fully qualified domain name of this system
Not applicable
Base directory of the install
Example: /opt/sun/comms/jiss
Not applicable
Cluster node type for Cluster Search Service configuration, either web or index
Not applicable
Instance name
Example: iss1
Not applicable  
User under which all ISS services will run
Example: jiss
Not applicable
Group under which all ISS services will run
Example: jiss
Not applicable  
Location to store the Lucene indexes
Example: /var/opt/sun/comms/jiss/index
Not applicable  
Location of attachment data
Example: /var/opt/sun/comms/jiss/attach
Not applicable  
Temporary directory used for processing attachments
Example: /var/tmp/iss
Not applicable
Location of ISS log files
Example: /var/opt/sun/comms/jiss/logs
Not applicable
User/Group Directory Server LDAP URL
Example: ldap://
configutil parameters local.ugldaphost and local.ugldapport mail.ldap  
User/Group Base DN
Example: dc=example,dc=com
configutil parameter local.ugbasedn mail.basedn  
Schema Level
Example: 1
Not applicable
DC Tree Base DN (only required for LDAP schema 1)
Example: o=internet
Not applicable
Default LDAP port
Example: 389
Overwritten if LDAP host is defined in host:port format mail.ldap.port  
Messaging Server Store fully qualified host name
configutil parameter local.hostname mail.server  
Comma-delimited list of mail server IPs
Not applicable
Read-only mail store administrator user name
Example: indexeradmin
To be set as configutil parameter store.indexeradmins mail.imap.admin.username  
Read-only mail store administrator password To be defined in User/Group Directory mail.imap.admin.password  
IMAP port
Example: 143
Not applicable
IMQ broker host name and port for Messaging Server JMQ notifications
To be defined in configutil parameters and mail.imq  
JMQ notification destination type
Example: queue
To be set as configutil parameter mail.imq.type  
JMQ notification destination name
Example: INDEXMS
To be set as configutil parameter  
Username for IMQ broker handling Messaging Server JMQ notifications
Example: jmquser
To be set as configutil parameter mail.imq.user  
Password for IMQ broker handling Messaging Server JMQ notifications To be set as configutil parameter mail.imq.password  
Administrator password
Not applicable
Location of the GlassFish directory
Example: /opt/SUNWappserver
Not applicable
GlassFish web port
Example: 8080
Not applicable
GlassFish admin port
Example: 4848
Not applicable
GlassFish domain
Example: domain1
Not applicable
GlassFish administrative user
Example: admin
Not applicable
GlassFish administrative user's password
Not applicable
ISS JMQ broker host name and port
Not applicable  
ISS JMQ broker user name
Example: jmquser
Not applicable
ISS JMQ broker password
Not applicable
Administrator password Not applicable
ISS Directory Server host and port
Not applicable
ISS Directory Manager DN
Example: cn=Directory Manager
Not applicable
ISS Directory Server password
Not applicable
Storeui access method.
Either disk for a single host environment or http for a multi-host environment.
Not applicable
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