About Apache HTTP Server Version 2

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About Apache HTTP Server Version 2

When installing Indexing and Search Service for Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 1 Update 3 in a multi-host deployment, you need to install and configure Apache HTTP Server version 2 on the host(s) functioning as the ISS back end(s). That is, you need Apache on the host(s) that offer the Indexing Tier services (searchSvc for searching; indexSvc for adding new users and processing mail server events; and jmqconsumer for listening to the Messaging Server JMQ for events to process and send to indexSvc).

  • Solaris 10 OS: Make sure that you have installed the package metacluster SUNWCapache from your Solaris OS media. For more information, refer to the Solaris OS product documentation.
  • Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux: You need to install the RPM httpd from the respective Linux media. For instructions, refer to the appropriate product's documentation.
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