Printable Communications Suite Documentation

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For the most current documentation, see Communications Suite 7 Update 5 Wiki.

Printable Communications Suite Documentation
Version 7 Update 1

Use the following links to get a "printable" version of the Communications Suite 7 Update 1 guides. See Non-Release Specific Printable Documentation for non-version specific guides, such as administration and customization guides.

Pregenerated PDFs

The following PDFs were generated in October 2010. If you want to print out the latest version of the wiki, see the following Create Your Own PDF section.

Create Your Own PDF

The printable docs are designed to enable you to easily export the latest information on this wiki to a PDF or Word document.

To print a guide in PDF format:

  1. Log in to the Communications Suite wiki.
    If you have never logged in before, see How to Contribute to the Communications Suite Wiki.
  2. Go to one of the printable guides in the following list.
  3. Click Tools in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Click Export to PDF.
  5. Choose to display or save the file.
Page: Printable Communications Suite Installation Guide
Page: Printable Communications Suite on a Single Host
Page: Printable Communications Suite on a Single Host (Red Hat Linux)
Page: Printable Communications Suite Release Notes
Page: Printable Communications Suite Upgrade Guide
Page: Printable Communications Suite What's New
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