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Communications Suite Release-Specific Documentation: Release Notes, Installation, Initial Configuration, and Upgrade

Version 7

This wiki space provides release-specific documentation for Sun Java Communications Suite 7, which shipped on 9/29/09. The latest and most current Communications Suite documentation is always available via the Home space.

Sun Java Communications Suite 7 Features

The Communications Suite 7 release provides a number of new features, including the following:

  • Calendar Server 7 – A new product, Calendar Server 7 is the Sun next-generation Calendar Server, which is based on the new standard for calendar access called CalDAV. Beyond the first release, this technology will evolve into much more than a calendar server.
  • Indexing and Search Service 1 – A new product, Indexing and Search Service 1 is a general-purpose indexing and searching server. Indexing and Search Service initially supports email data in the message store, including embedded data in a variety of formats.
  • Convergence 1 Update 3: POP Access to External Email – This feature enables you to collect emails from remote servers that allow POP access. You can compose, reply, and forward email by using Convergence without logging in to the site to manage your email.
  • Messaging Server 7 Update 3: Support for Red Hat Linux 5 – This release of Messaging Server supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

For complete information on new features, see Communications Suite 7 What's New.

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