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This documentation applies to Communications Suite 6 Update 2 at the time of its release. The most up-to-date documentation is available at the Communications Suite Documentation Home.

Communications Suite Collaboration Information

The Communications Suite community collaborates through a number of sites and methods, including:


The E-Mail, Calendar, and Collaboration Forums serve the Sun Java Communications Suite community, and are continually monitored for feedback and issue resolution.

Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Instant Messaging Forums

If you like, go directly to one of the component product forums:

Note: Anyone can browse through the forum, but if you want to post a question or respons, you need to sign in by using your Sun Developer Network Online Account ID.

User Groups

The Communication and Collaboration User Groups include users of Sun Java System Calendar Server, Sun Java System Messaging Server, and Sun Java System Instant Messaging. Communication and Collaboration User Groups currently exist in the following regions:

  • China
  • Europe
  • San Francisco Bay Area

If you are interested in joining one of the previously mentioned Communication and Collaboration User Groups, please fill out our membership form.

Email Aliases

Info-iMS Mailing List is the independent discussion forum for those individuals interested in the Sun Java Enterprise System, Sun ONE, and iPlanet communication and directory software products. These products include the iPlanet Messaging Server, Sun ONE Messaging Server, Sun ONE Calendar Server, Sun ONE Instant Messager, Sun ONE Directory Server, and Sun Java System components: Messaging Server, Calendar Server, Instant Messaging, and Directory Server. (The forum is named "Info-iMS" for historical reasons.) The discussion forum is an Internet mailing list with associated archives.


Jim Parkinson
Keep up with what the Vice President of Collaboration and ISV Engineering, which includes Sun Java Communications Suite, has to say.

Chad's iMS Site
Ex-Sun employee Chad Stewart's site for Messaging Server tuning tips, perl scripts, mappings file, and other Messaging Server related topics.

Jonathon Hawkins
Jonathon Hawkins is a Sun Unified Communications Architect who blogs about Communications Suite integration and deployment issues. For example, here Jonathon explains how to add a spam button to the Communications Express interface.

Joe Sciallo is a senior technical writer at Sun who blogs about Communications Suite documentation.

Ferris Research Weblog
This weblog discusses messaging and collaboration technology. Items are written by Ferris analysts, and are the opinions of the author. They are not necessarily an "official" Ferris Research position.

Robert Chien
Robert Chien has been designing Communications Suite deployments for many years at Sun.

Dave Pickens
Dave Pickens blogs about four things that he routinely deals with as Chief Architect for U.S. Government, Education and Healthcare: identity management, eco (green) computing, messaging servers (email systems), and architecture in general.

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