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This documentation applies to Communications Suite 6 Update 1 at the time of its release. The most up-to-date documentation is available at the Communications Suite Documentation Home.

Welcome to the Communications Suite Information Wiki.

Find information about Communications Suite or help to improve the existing documentation yourself by signing up and contributing.
Communications Suite 6 Revenue Release can be downloaded here as of July 22, 2008. Communications Suite 6 Update 1 Revenue Release will be available soon.

Quick Picks

Getting Started: See what's new, get the software, collaborate

Technical FAQs: Have questions, start here

Automated Install: EMRA, VirtualBox & VMware

Tech Tips: Read articles authored by Comms experts

Future Technologies: Find out what we're working on

Product Indexes: See all information on this wiki for a product


1. Plan: Develop Comms Suite deployment blueprints

2. Install: Install all or part of Comms Suite

3. Customize: Create customized code and interfaces

4. Manage: Operate and administer your deployment

5. Upgrade: Upgrade or migrate existing services

6. Troubleshoot: Troubleshoot issues and problems

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