Instant Messaging Administration Guide

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Starting with Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7.0.6, and Delegated Administrator and Calendar Server 7.0.5, the documentation for Connector for Microsoft Outlook 8.0.2, Contacts Server 8.0, Instant Messaging Server 9.0.2, Delegated Administrator, and Calendar Server 7.0.5 is available on the Oracle Documentation site at

Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server Administration Guide

This guide describes how to administer Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server (formerly Sun Java System Instant Messaging). Instant Messaging enables secure, real-time communication and collaboration, combining presence awareness with instant messaging capabilities such as chat, conferences, alerts, news, polls, and file transfers to create a rich collaborative environment.

This guide pertains to Instant Messaging versions 7.3 through 8.3. For Instant Messaging 9, see Instant Messaging 9 Administration Guide.


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Page: Configuring Instant Messaging After Installation Page: Setting up and Launching Instant Messenger Page: Configuring Instant Messaging for High Availability (Oracle Solaris Only) Page: Instant Messaging Configuration File and Directory Structure Overview Page: Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for Instant Messaging Page: Configuring Hosted Domain Support Page: Administering Instant Messaging Components Page: Federating Deployment of Multiple Instant Messaging Servers Page: Optimizing an Instant Messaging Server Pool By Using the Redirect Server Page: Scaling an Instant Messaging Deployment By Using Server Pooling Page: Using Shoal for Server Pool Messaging Page: Securing Instant Messaging Using TLS and Legacy SSL Page: Configuring the Voice Chat Page: Administering Instant Messaging End Users Page: Configuring Instant Messaging and Presence Service Protocol Page: Configuring LDAP Failover for Instant Messaging Page: Configuring Java Message Service Support for Calendar Server Alerts Page: Instant Messaging Server New Features Page: SMS Gateway for Instant Messaging Page: Multiuser Chat Support for IMPS Page: Gateways for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Page: Configure Command Page: Managing Archiving for Instant Messaging Page: Migrating the Property Store From File to LDAP Page: Migrating the Multiplexor Certificate and Enabling SSL Page: Managing Instant Messaging's LDAP Access Configuration Page: Managing Instant Messaging and Presence Policies Page: Managing Instant Messenger Page: Managing Logging for Instant Messaging Page: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Instant Messaging Page: Using Calendar Pop-up Reminders Page: Using the Instant Messaging XMPP and HTTP Gateway Page: Configuring External Gateways with Instant Messenger Page: Switching httpbind from servlet to async Mode Page: Writing a Custom SSO Module for Instant Messaging Server Page: Performance, Scalability, and Sizing Considerations for Instant Messaging Page: Reference Information Page: Instant Messaging Configuration Parameters in iim.conf Page: Instant Messaging XMPP and HTTP Gateway Configuration Parameters in httpbind.conf Page: Instant Messaging imadmin Tool Reference Page: Instant Messaging APIs Page: Instant Messaging LDAP Schema

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