Indexing and Search Service Patches by Release

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Indexing and Search Service Patches by Release

Use this page to locate build and patch information for ISS releases. If newer patch revisions become available, use the newer ones instead of those shown in the table.

As a workaround to learning about new patches, you can use the Confluence "watch" feature to monitor this page. When new patches are available, this page is updated with that information. You then receive an email message that this page has been updated. The "watch" feature is available under the Tools menu.

When you perform a fresh installation by using the Communications Suite installer (the commpkg install command), you install the current patch levels for ISS. Therefore, a Communications Suite release contains patches that are the same versions as that installed by the commpkg install command. You can install patch upgrades by using the commpkg upgrade command. You can also use commpkg upgrade to upgrade to newer product releases. For more information, see the commpkg upgrade command, which is provided in the Communications Suite Installer zip file.

Suite Suite/Patch Release Date Version Oracle Solaris SPARC Oracle Solaris x86 Red Hat Linux Notes
Patches for all platforms have been OBSOLETED by -19
CommSuite 7u5 New Features 2013-Oct-31 142824-18 142823-18 142825-18  
CommSuite 7 U3 New Features 2013-May-18
1 Update 4 Patch 17 142824-17, README
142823-17, README
142825-17, README
N/A 2013-Apr-08
1 Update 4 Patch 16 142824-16 142823-16 142825-16  
1 Update 4 Patch 15 142824-15 142823-15 142825-15  
1 Update 4 Patch 14 142824-14 142823-14 142825-14  
1 Update 4 Patch 13 142824-13 142823-13 142825-13  
1 Update 3 Patch 12 142824-12 142823-12 142825-12  
2012-Jan-12 1 Update 3 Patch 11 142824-11 142823-11 142825-11  
N/A 2011-Nov-18 1 Update 3 Patch 10 142824-10 142823-10 142825-10  
N/A 2011-Sep-29 1 Update 3 Patch 9 142824-09 142823-09 142825-09  
CommSuite 7 Update 2 New Features 2011-Sep-12 1 Update 3 142824-08 142823-08 142825-08  
ISS 1 Update 2 New Features 2011-July-06 1 Update 2 142824-07 142823-07 142825-07  
CommSuite 7 Update 1 New Features 2010-Sep-02 1 Update 1 142824-05 142823-05 142825-05  
CommSuite 7 New Features 2009-Sep-29 1.0        
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