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Starting with Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7.0.6, and Delegated Administrator and Calendar Server 7.0.5, the documentation for Connector for Microsoft Outlook 8.0.2, Contacts Server 8.0, Instant Messaging Server 9.0.2, Delegated Administrator, and Calendar Server 7.0.5 is available on the Oracle Documentation site at


This wiki provides documentation and usage tips for users of Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite. The initial content is provided by members of the Communications Suite product team, including Publications, Marketing, Development, QA, Sustaining, and Field Services. All material posted here is available to everyone, and anyone who registers and wants to take the time to contribute may do so.

Beginning with the Communications Suite 6 release, all new Communications Suite information will be delivered by this wiki. Information for previous releases is available on, and in many situations, is still applicable to managing your Communications Suite deployment. Going forward, this wiki is considered the authoritative source in case of conflicting information.

You are welcome to contribute by using the Comments feature, improving existing information, or adding new information, so long as the material is relevant to an appropriate standard. You do not need to fear accidentally damaging the content when you add or improve information, as material that is added will be reviewed and, if necessary, corrected or deleted.

How Does This Wiki Differ From

Delivering product information by wiki is fundamentally different from delivering information on Here are some important differences:

  • While we organize information by using a book model when appropriate (for example, Installation Guide, Upgrade Guide, Administration Guide), a wiki does not naturally lend itself to the book model. Wiki books are actually collections of related articles, which are linked from a main article or top-level page.
  • Articles are always "living" works. Articles that are still being written by the subject-matter experts or that have not been reviewed by relevant Oracle reviewers are stamped with "Work in progress." When an adequate review is completed, we remove this designation. But note that this page can be edited and changed as new information, corrections, or ideas occur.

The Living Wiki

This wiki is a "living wiki" in the sense that it attempts to keep the information as current as possible, and as such, is not release-specific, unless noted. For release-specific information, refer to the release-specific pages, for example: Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7.0.6 Release Specific Documentation.

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The individuals who post here are part of the extended Oracle community and they might not be employed or in any way formally affiliated with Oracle. The opinions expressed here are their own, are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual authors, and neither Oracle nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.