Communications Suite Component Patches

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Starting with Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7.0.6, and Delegated Administrator and Calendar Server 7.0.5, the documentation for Connector for Microsoft Outlook 8.0.2, Contacts Server 8.0, Instant Messaging Server 9.0.2, Delegated Administrator, and Calendar Server 7.0.5 is available on the Oracle Documentation site at

Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Component Patches

This information provides links to Communications Suite patches organized by component product. As newer patches become available, they are added to the following links.

As a workaround to learning about new patches, you can use the Confluence "watch" feature to monitor this page. When new patches are available, this page is updated with that information. You then receive an email message that this page has been updated. The "watch" feature is available under the Tools menu.


Obtaining Patches

Use the following links to obtain component product patches.

Component Product Patches

Component Product Last Updated
Calendar Server 6.3 12/06/2012
Calendar Server 7 04/14/2013
Communications Express 06/25/2012
Convergence 04/17/2013
Delegated Administrator 04/05/2013
DSsetup 09/12/2013
Instant Messaging 04/05/2013
Indexing and Search Service 01/03/2014
Messaging Server 05/05/2014
Communications Suite Windows Product Patches, including Connector for Microsoft Outlook 12/01/2012

Types of Patches

The majority of Communications Suite product patches fall into the following categories:

  • Public patches (released to My Oracle Support)
  • "Temporary" T-patches
  • "Point" patches
  • "Interim Diagnostic Relief"

For more information on these types of patches (and other patch types), see Overview of Solaris Patch Types and Dependencies.

About T-Patches

T-Patches are generated by Support on a semi-regular basis to address issues raised by customers through Support requests. T-patches exist for specific customer needs, therefore not all T-patches are delivered to Oracle Support.

T-Patches are released for download after the customers who raised the issues have confirmed that the patch has resolved the issues. This process can take several weeks.

If you have a T-patch installed and then find that the patch is released at the same revision, you do not need to remove the T-patch and then install the released version. The released version and the T-patch are the same except for the README file.
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