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 This wiki has been replaced by the Oracle Alta Mobile UI Design Guidelines website. This content is available for pre- Alta reference (before MAF 2.0).

Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Design: One Solution for Multiple Platforms

Example Application

See an example sales application designed with MAF patterns and components 



The following are set of common patterns to help design Native Phone and Tablet apps. Currently they are focused on iOS and Android platforms.  These patterns provide a summary of a design solutions. They are common flow or page designs that maybe used across all multiple product families. The patterns are common solutions that developers can easily apply across all application suite products.


The following are a set of user interface components that are available in MAF. This information provides the building blocks for designing Native Phone and Tablet apps. This component information describes appearance, behavior, usage and sample code for these components. The usage guidelines will continue to be updated.

MAF Value

Benefits and features of using Mobile Application Framework.

  • Single Code Base
  • Android and iOS Platforms
  • Tablet and Phone Devices
  • Native Looking Components
  • Device Services Access
  • Hybrid Mobile Web Solution

For Designers

Mobile design requires a different way of thinking compared to desktop design.

For Developers

Resources for getting started with ADF Mobile.

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